Hi, I’m Sam. Writer, Speaker, Coach, and Digital Strategist.

I write, speak, and help people solve problems. I care about inclusion, community building, and working in the open.

A regular speaker at community and conference events, I coach and devise workshops that help people to unblock issues or share their working.

I’m also a trained coach and established mentor and believe in supporting others to achieve their best work.

As an established digital leader I’ve developed a broad range of skills in digital strategy, through working in London agencies and then within the UK Civil Service including Government Digital Service

Want to know more about me? Take a look at some of my recent writing, below…

Thinking beyond the Tiger: what do you want your team to take away?

A reference guide to different children’s books that can help you tell stories of your work. Since January 2020 I’ve been developing a workshop that I first delivered at #UKGovCamp about telling stories using the well known children’s book The Tiger Who Came to Tea. You can find out all about it here, as well as […]

All the jobs I failed to get

Disclaimer: not *all* the jobs Gif: From Flight of the Concords. The look at the camera and say “Why, Be more constructive with your feedback. Please.” Terence recently wrote a great blog post about all of the jobs he had failed to get, you’ll find that here: Unlike Terence, who presents a finite list of failures […]

A Trello reading list for learning, and for accountability

In this post I’ll talk about how this library for my professional development has become a powerful tool in holding myself accountable in both my personal and professional life. This blog post will cover: Why I started using Trello to track my reading Objectives My board and themes How it’s changed… Black Lives Matter Analysis […]