Immediate observations from a weekend at General Assembly UX Bootcamp, London

A long, tiring weekend but well worth the cash

As the title suggests I’m currently on a train, tired from a weekend of bootcamping at GA. It’s Sunday night and I’m wondering how I’ll drag myself to work tomorrow.

While it’s fresh in my mind though I thought I would document some initial observations from the course. I’ll write in more detail and share some of my work later…

  • Yes I’m tired, and I think tomorrow will be a struggle, but overall I feel energised and excited.
  • There were loads of interesting people in the room with loads of different experience, but because of the nature of the programme it felt difficult to get round and chat. I did meet a lot to some very nice, cool people though.
  • Day 1 mostly concentrated on background and it felt a bit schoolroomy*. Great for some of the absolute newbies but difficult for me to stay focussed.
  • Day 2 was much more interactive and much more workshoppy. We were able to speak with each other and get on with “doing”. We also tried some new tools and I enjoyed it a lot more.
  • The teacher (Amit Patel) and GA/TA (Dan Kemery) were excellent. Engaged, open, enthusiastic. Amit in particular took note of people’s backgrounds and goals and made time to get round the room and speak with people. Despite occasionally derailing the syllabus they made time to answer questions and discuss processes.
  • We now have a Slack channel so hopefully people will stay in touch and share work.
  • Marvel is basically magic.
  • I want Sketch. Like, immediately.

*workshoppy and schoolroomy are real words.

**so is bootcamping.

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