Beauty Bust: March Update


I’m into my third month without any beauty buys…

This month I’ve started feeling as though I was seeing and reading a lot more reviews of beauty products. I don’t buy or read magazines (even the free ones, though I do read The Pool online religiously).

I don’t buy any newspapers, and I can’t say I follow any women’s magazines or similar on social media, plus I recently undertook an Instagram cull after an acute bout of everyoneelseslifeisamazingitis #blessed.

The only real way I can think that I would stumble across reviews and stuff would be via emails.

That made me wonder just how many emails I receive which contain reviews and prompts to shop for beauty. So I decided to count.

Between March 1st and March 9th (9 days*) I received over 100 emails trying to sell me beauty products. 102 to be exact.

Anyway, if you extrapolate wildly from that figure, thats an average of 11 per day.

I have had this address for years, so the number of marketing communication I receive has slowly ramped up.

I get a lot, I ignore a lot, and I read some of them; I do also use the account for personal emails, when I can find them amongst the other dross.

I wondered what sort of proportion these product emails make up, so I tried to count my total emails over a few days. That was longwinded and boring, but I counted for 3 days** (1st to 3rd March) and I received 176 emails in that time.

Thats an average of about 59 per day.

So approximately 18.5% of the emails I receive on a daily basis are either trying to sell me, or reviewing and talking about beauty products. That’s almost 1 in every 5.

So I’m now going to start unsubscribing from more emails so I don’t get more temptation to buy!

I’ve not had many major “run-outs” this month, but I am struggling with a new nighttime regime now that I’m totally out of micellar water.

I’m using Lush’s Ultrabland cleanser and water, or Bio Oil and water on a light makeup day. It’s ok, but it is much harder work. It’s more difficult to get all of my mascara off with just Bio Oil, and more difficult not to leave an oily residue on my skin with the Ultrabland.

But, I persevere. I’m also using Lush’s Eau Roma Water or Skyn Iceland’s facial mist afterwards to try and get rid of any last traces of oil. My skin doesn’t seem to be liking it, but I’m giving myself another month with the new regime before I decide what to do.

* Yes, I know 9 is a weird number. I only counted up to the 9th because there were so many emails and it became a massive chore. I am, by nature, pretty lazy.

** told you.

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