I’d like somebody to be my mentor…

If you want to help, please get in touch.

Its been almost 4 weeks since I posted the above tweet. When I wrote it, I knew the doors of the universe wouldn’t magically open and bring me the right person immediately; but I also knew that the Twitter hive-mind would have been here before, would know what to do, and would have a raft of advice to help me get there. I was not wrong. Thank you!

By chance, fellow weeknoter Dan was also looking for a mentor, so we sat, we had coffee, we scribbled our thoughts and ultimately we did the work of working it out.

Oh Erlich, you would be such a terrible mentor… sorry.

This blog represents the outcome of my conversations with Dan and outlines what I’m looking for in a mentor. Please get in touch with me on Twitter or by commenting on the below if you’d be interested in working with me.

Also, if you’d be interested in mentoring Dan, then just click on his name or go and have a look at his blog.

No, not you Ace.

I am looking for a person (or people) who can help me to achieve the following objectives over the next two years:

  1. A promotion or sideways move with wider remit or significantly increased responsibility (I am currently a Band A/Grade 6)
  2. Acceptance onto the Civil Service Future Leaders Scheme https://civilservice.blog.gov.uk/2015/06/16/could-you-be-a-future-or-senior-leader/

I am looking for a person who exemplifies the values of our organisation especially around diversity and inclusion, supports initiatives such as OneTeamGov, and understands and supports Clare Moriarty’s thoughts on Leadership as outlined in blogs like this one, which is particularly meaningful to me.

Person type:

  • Honest, open and pragmatic
  • Introvert/extrovert doesn’t matter as long as that person can help me balance and reframe situations to get the best out of them
  • A “sponsor” by nature: http://larahogan.me/blog/what-sponsorship-looks-like/
  • Somebody who understands different working patterns and part-time work
  • A person who values the strategic as much as the operational and understands what it is like to “deliver the intangible” (such as building capability or influencing change in other teams)
  • A person who can proactively suggest ideas, as well as help me reach my own decisions about things
  • A person who can hold me to account for doing the “homework” of career planning


  • An unusual career path
  • A high-level view across the Civil Service who might be able to identify opportunities to stretch me that I may not otherwise know about.

I would like to build something meaningful and long lasting.

Some of the activities I believe I need to undertake to achieve my goals:

  • Write and improve my competencies
  • Improve my presentation and interview skills
  • Look for strategic opportunities (corporate contributions, volunteering) which will help to bolster my day-to-day work

People that I look up to and why:

  • Clare Moriarty, the epitome of inclusive leadership
  • Stefan Czerniawski, for being able to reframe anything and improve it as well as always telling the best stories to convey an issue
  • Kit Collingwood-Richardson, OneTeamGov, deep empathy and “availability”
  • Dan Barrett, because weeknotes, open, funny, generous
  • Luke Sands for being inclusive by design and an amazing ally
  • Olivia Burman, the best sponsor I’ve ever had
  • Matt Edgar, for writing some great things and his deep understanding (and training me on the Digital Academy Product Owners course)
  • Adele Turner, for her patience, collaboration, and support
  • Simon Everest, for his commitment to fighting for accessibility issues

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