Weeknotes S03 Ep01

End of days

Hello and happy 2018! I hope you had a good Christmas and New Year break.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I hope you had a rest, and you didn’t get flu and had a walk somewhere pretty, and enjoyed many cheeses.


I hope Christmas and New Year didn’t make you feel depressed or anxious and that you had time to reflect and just be, and be ok with it all. I hope you got thoughtful presents and that none of your family members made a scene.

And now, here we are in January 2018, look at that eh? We all survived. Well done us.

I did have a good rest over Christmas, though new year made me feel a bit anxious. It’s a time for planning and taking stock and deciding to try a bit harder and do a bit better.

I started putting some plans and small changes (not resolutions) in place to try to make a bit more space in my life and be a bit more present with the people I love.

Being more present.

We were doing so well when there was no work; the dishwasher was loaded and emptied, the laundry was up to date, the house was tidy, the fridge stocked with vegetables. We went for walks, went swimming.

One week back at work and this morning every surface in my kitchen was stacked with dirty plates, we ordered pizza last night as there was no food in, and there’s a load in the washing machine which has been there for 2 days.

Ordering pizza.

Working and commuting takes up lots of brain space. It’s amazing how quickly it fills up all the lovely calm bits in such as short space of time.

Anyway, enough about me, what about work?

Overarching feeling of the week

Only one section this week as it’s been a bit busy and I didn’t take good notes.

It’s been an… interesting… week. I got a new job offer before Christmas and it all became official and out in the open.

I’m really looking forward to it but my start date isn’t until the beginning of March, so there is a lot of time to wind down and hand over.

So I’ve been thinking about that, and how to explain what it is I actually do, especially how to explain it in practice so that someone can take over from me.

My replacement has already been selected so I’ve been having to think about how to best spend time with him and get him up to speed.

My fellow BPs are both hellishly busy. Like, hellishly hellishly.


It’s meant that we’ve barely seen each other. So it’s not an easy time to bring a new person into the team. And, as my colleagues are ultimately going to be working with him it would be better if they could be involved, but hey.

Our new trainer also starts on Monday so I’ve been planning out his time so that he can get up to speed. But also so he gets a good overview of the team and the wider context about transformation in government.

He is a graduate and I want to do well by him, show him what can be done, get him enthused about being in the Civil Service.

Wow, cat. Wow.

Both of these things mean I’ve been feeling quite a weight of responsibility.

On top of this, it’s January, so it is busy.

In my department this tends to be a time when lots of new work comes in. People realise that they have budget that they need to spend this financial year. People still think very much in terms of project costs (fixed thing with finite cost end point) and not ongoing services. I don’t agree with that but it’s how it goes.

It’s meant that I’ve been getting to grips with new opportunities, following up on opportunities I was working on before Christmas, and basically trying to keep my head above water.

It’s been an ok week.

(P.S — cat gif theme)

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