Weeknotes S03 Ep06

The wind-down

No not wind, WIND! Oh, nevermind.

Overarching feeling of the week

This was my last full week in DATT. After almost three years I’ll soon be moving on to a new role at GDS.

As it goes when you move to a new role, this week has been a bit mixed because I’ve handed over pretty much all of my work now. So I’m really just fiddling around the edges of work rather than really doing it.

Because I’m leaving I’ve been feeling really reflective. I’ve been feeling a pull towards people in my team and I’m feeling a bit emotional about leaving them.

It doesn’t really help that Atique’s last day was on Thursday. That made me sad not just because he is an excellent User Researcher, I’ve just really enjoyed working with him. I’m proud of the work he’s done and how much he has grown in his time with us.

I’m also sad because rather than heading over to work at GDS as I had hoped he would, he has actually decided to leave government and go to work for a consultancy.

It will be great experience for him, but I feel this loss and also feel slightly responsible for not being able to persuade him to stay in the civil service.

Bye, Atique.

Today I wrote a lot of leaving cards, it was really difficult, there is so much I want to say to everyone. Anyway. Enough dwelling. Onward….


Joe and I had a really great meeting with the team who originally came to us asking to use an AI solution. It was good to meet again properly and discuss how to take the work forward. There’s now a clear plan of action which is great and I know Joe will do an awesome job with it.

I also wrote a follow up blog about it, which you can read here:

View at Medium.com

I met Hannah my mentee [1] for breakfast on Monday and that was really great. She is doing brilliantly and her team are giving her great stretch assignments. We worked through some competencies and I’m sure she is going to smash her end of year review.

One of my Crossing Thresholds peer group, Verity, asked me if I could speak with one of her friends who is considering a role in the civil service, so on Thursday afternoon I spoke to Susie.

She is a PHD student and is working on some really interesting research. I think she would be an asset based on her academic work — I hope I did a good job of talking her through some of the interesting things which are going on.


A really good chat with Joe on Monday morning, we talked through loads of work stuff and life stuff. It was good. I’m really going to miss Joe.

On Wednesday morning I spent some time with the One Team Gov organising team for the global event.

Stefan invited me along, and it was good to work through the early stages of how it might work and the enormity of the challenge — it’s a good challenge though, and amazing to work with such motivated, engaged, good people (like James, Jenny, Kit, James, DavidBuck, Nour, Morgan and more). I hope I can contribute to all the good work.

OTG Global post-it planning

If you’re interested to find out more about the event then you can read Kit’s blog here:

View at Medium.com

Or you can just skip that and apply for a ticket straight away 😉


At lunch on Wendesday I headed to Westminster Hall to see the Cornelia Parker election exhibit. This was the last outing of my Culture Club (an initiative I started at work to encourage people to come out and see more arts/cultural stuff, and to help the team bond). The exhibition it’sef was small but really good. Would recommend.

In the end it was only Luke and I who went along. That was disappointing but it was very good to get out and chat to Luke because we haven’t had a chance to do that for a while.

Cornelia Parker exhibit at Westminster Hall.


One of my lessons last week was to learn to (really) listen to feedback.

On Monday afternoon I spoke with the person who gave me the feedback and although I found it a bit awkward (“Can you please tell me why you gave me that feedback? Can you? Now, please?”).

It was really helpful because I got a lot of context and can understand it better and take some affirmative action. It wasn’t bad feedback at all, but really useful and helpful. I’m really pleased I did it and that the person made time to chat it through with me.

I have literally no idea what is going on in this gif but that is making me want to use it even more.

In other news…

The GDS blogging saga continues with this additional blog about blogging.

View at Medium.com

More blogs about blogging please. Oh and who is going to write the next blog about blogs to respond to this?

I’ve been watching Generation Gifted, which is a brilliant insight into social mobility. The kids and teachers seem absolutely brilliant and I am already rooting for them.

View at Medium.com

Finally, here’s what I’ve been listening to this week. Props to Zuz who shared the computer song on Twitter, I am now totally obsessed with it.

[1] Or Manatee if you agree with Louise 😉

hidden final easter egg bonk gif for people who read all the way to the bottom. Go you guys!

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