How One Team Gov will create a Radical Vision for the Future of Government

“Make the world better”

Nesta is an innovation foundation in the United Kingdom (UK). In September 2019 they’ll release a collection of radical visions for the future of government and they’re inviting everyone to take part!

You can find out more about the Nesta challenge here:

In short, Nesta are looking for groups to engage with the following questions:

Re-imagining Services

  • What’s the best way to deliver better social outcomes, given growing concerns that current models of service delivery are no longer adequate?
  • How might emerging technologies and other innovations radically alter the way social needs are met?

Rebuilding Trust

  • What would it take to reinvigorate democracy, trust and citizens’ relationship with their governments?
  • Is there scope to fundamentally rethink the way in which governments and citizens interact? What might this look like?

Re-crafting Roles

  • How will the roles and skills of public sector staff, politicians and citizens need to change?
  • Do we need to revisit the social contract between citizen and state? If so, what might that look like and how would we do it?

We believe that One Team Gov are well placed to think about these challenges, and decided to submit a pitch, which you’ll find below.

We posted a tweet asking people to submit their thoughts:

And then collaborated on a document where people could build on thoughts and ideas:

Our pitch

Since our beginnings in 2017, the ethos of OneTeamGov is to bring people together regardless of grade, age, gender or background in order to collaborate, experiment and learn. This is how we’ll approach the development of our radical vision.

Our community is a growing and global one, made up of a mix of policy, delivery and strategy people all of whom will be invited to contribute to our radical vision.

Our regular meetups are well attended, and we will be asking attendees over the coming months to consider the questions you’ve set. We will ask our global counterparts in Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand to do the same. In May, OneTeamGov Canada will hold our second Global unconference, with 500 attendees, and we will also use this space to gather more ideas.

OneTeamGov has over 10,000 followers through just 5 international group Twitter accounts, and around 350 followers of our publication on Medium and LinkedIn accounts, as well as having links to a number of public service networks. More than that, our followers are truly engaged with our vision. On sharing a collaborative document on a Friday night (to gather ideas for this pitch) we counted 10 contributors and over 2,000 words by Sunday evening.

We will collect answers via variety of media and will transcribe them, curating and editing to meet the 1500 word limit. We’d also like to explore creating a multimedia experience with footage from all our events.

It’s important to state that our vision will be from people working inside government. We believe that change for government will be achieved by people on the ground, building on small actions that will gradually bring about real change in the way that government is perceived. We believe that this can bring about reform.

With huge thanks to everyone who submitted their thoughts, and to those who helped to write the pitch, remotely, and in less than 48 hours. Thank you!

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