Weeknotes S7 Ep9

Uncharacteristically upbeat

A gif from Spongebob Squarepants of a rainbow

Before I begin…

I’m feeling quite upbeat and positive today, it might be because of the sunshine but it’s probably also down to feeling like I’ve been a bit more productive this week.

I’ve also spent some time catching up with legendary public sector heroes which was good for me.

This week has been much more straightforward than last, not as eventful but more like getting back into the swing of work. We’re grappling with some interesting questions at the moment and it’s been cool to see them play out and to puzzle through them.

A gif of Elmo thinking

I recognised that I quickly got to a place where I had felt I’d made a decision, and felt the drive to just get to that decision so that we could move on and not go round in circles. I was interesting to see how other people took the time and the activities they went through to get to their own point of resolution and I had to be patient and let that happen. I’m learning a lot about how our team works and about myself at the moment and I’m really enjoying that.

So what happened?

One. I had a catch up with Egle and Eni on Tuesday about “What good looks like” we want to write a blog post that will really help people to see some of the best bits from the project outputs.

I think there are two parts to this, it’s firstly, sharing the elements that will be useful and help organisations to learn some of the methodologies in agile projects and user centred design, but also to learn more about how to tell the story of that work in a way that explains and engages others in your work.

A huge part of what we are doing is building that collaborative working, and, I believe it’s going to need a radical shift in how organisations speak to each other, and a big part of that is storytelling.

Anyway, Egle had kicked off a spreadsheet to pull all of the best bits of our projects into, and over the week I trawled through all of the project outputs picking out parts of each that I thought were really good.

It was good to go back and look at all of the projects again, and because it was enjoyable I felt like I found my flow while I was doing it. I was able to pull them into themes and get some examples grouped and printed out which I’ve asked the team to comment on.

My “What does good look like?” board

There are maybe 5 themes that I want to explore. I could do all of this on my own but it will be better if I bring people along with me and get their views. I’m wondering if it would be better to do this as a short series of blog posts so that we can really explore some of the outputs, but that needs more thought.

Two. I’ve recorded three videos for the Nesta Radical Visions work for One Team Gov this week and I’ve received lots more. I interviewed our service designer beckymiller33, Emily Miles, and Alex and all three had really interesting things to say. Conversations about gender parity, more men in part-time roles, compassion, community, democracy, all of the things. I’m just really enjoying the work and the process and the ideas.

Some Canadian colleagues sent an amazing audio recording of a discussion they’d held on the theme and I’m feeling really excited about how this might be turned into an accompanying podcast.

Heather sent me a blog post that will accompany her submission which is really really lovely. I can’t wait until she posts it because it’s full of really interesting ideas.

And the OTG Finland crew sent me videos too, which is excellent.

We now have 21 videos of people, 1 video from Australia that they put together collectively (with a written submission) and one audio recording. It’s really exciting to see how this has all come together and I’m feeling excited to see what else comes through this week.

I’ve been adding all of these videos to the Trello board I created last week and the backlog of ideas is frankly completely bamboozling, but exciting too.

There’s still time to get involved!

View at Medium.com

Three. I had drinks with some legendary public sector heroes for a gin based picnic in St James’ park.

Luke, Wendy, Joe and Phil who I worked with at the Cabinet Office. Legendary Heroes Alex and Dan and the beautiful and lovely Jenny and Morgan. It was great that Jessica could join us too as I haven’t seen her since her little girl was born (she’s now 1!) and Kit even turned up for a bit and seemed really well.

It was a really lovely crew and nice, fun, inclusive conversation as is often the way with legendary heroes. It’s incredibly affirming to spend that time with awesome people.

As an aside Dan announced this week that he’s moving to an awesome new role at Citizen’s Advice and so, I felt like this was a bit of a celebration of that too.


And that’s probably enough for now about the week. Have a lovely sunny weekend!

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