All the jobs I failed to get

Disclaimer: not *all* the jobsGif: From Flight of the Concords. The look at the camera and say “Why, Be more constructive with your feedback. Please.”Terence recently wrote a great blog post about all of the jobs he had failed to get, you’ll find that here:Unlike Terence, who presents a finite list of failures to us in [...]

A Trello reading list for learning, and for accountability

In this post I’ll talk about how this library for my professional development has become a powerful tool in holding myself accountable in both my personal and professional life.This blog post will cover:Why I started using Trello to track my readingObjectivesMy board and themesHow it’s changed…Black Lives MatterAnalysis and what I’ve learnedWhat next?Let me know [...]

We love wallpaper!

The inimitable Terence Eden recently wrote that “Post-it’s aren’t agile – they’re wallpaper” so I started thinking (A LOT) about wallpaper…First up, read Terence’s brilliant post here:IntroLook, it’s pretty difficult to argue against the sustainability of post-it’s or their accessibility because those are fixed arguments and if we agree that we believe in protecting the [...]

Learning stuff is a side effect of life

This new year there was a trend of people sharing pictures of themselves 10 years ago on Instagram, and taking stock of their achievements on Twitter and LinkedIn. But a more interesting question might be, “Who was I ten years ago?”2020 lands on 2019 and smashes it, there are fireworks and it says Happy New Year.I’m not [...]

My Work Wellbeing Wall

Building a tool to keep the impostor at bay and my wellbeing in check.I recently read a post by Kit about her Mental Health MOT, and it was good to see someone who, when they needed it, was able to call on some of what they’d read and help themselves to feel a bit calmer with [...]