We love wallpaper!

The inimitable Terence Eden recently wrote that “Post-it’s aren’t agile – they’re wallpaper” so I started thinking (A LOT) about wallpaper…First up, read Terence’s brilliant post here:IntroLook, it’s pretty difficult to argue against the sustainability of post-it’s or their accessibility because those are fixed arguments and if we agree that we believe in protecting the [...]

Weeknotes S6 Ep02

Hey Duggie painting and decorating.Before I beginHey. Hi. How are you?I tried to start writing this yesterday (Thursday) but at every point my brain just said no, no no. Stop. We had a lot of people in the house doing our garden and some decorating. I was distracted and I couldn’t stop and take time to [...]

Weeknotes S01 Ep10

Weeknotes FTWA quieter week because of leave, I don’t think that there were more than five people in the room together at once. It felt better than last week because some of my stakeholders were also off so I had a bit more space to think, but I’ll be honest, I don’t like it much [...]

My accelerator journey…

How taking a chance on an accelerator scheme helped me find meaning and motivation in my work.I joined my department in April 2015 at end of a significant technology transformation project, the first of it’s kind in the Civil Service.It’s fair to say that when I started, my team were all on a very steep learning [...]

Weeknotes S01 Ep03

Bringing my full self to weeknotes.I’ve had a tough week for a number of different reasons, which has meant that writing this week’s episode has been really difficult. Its taken me several days to write this (hence Sunday not Friday publishing) and, as I wrote some parts before Thursday, it might be a little disjointed; [...]