Nonotes 11/8–23/8 — Feedback.

Writing notes even though I’ve been offI’ve been away for a week and a bit of holiday, so there haven’t been any notes, but things still happen and life moves forward even when you’re on holiday.And now it’s Sunday, I’ve got Sunday dreads. Things are pinging around my head so writing them down seems like a [...]

Weeknotes S10 Ep4

New/Old/Same/DifferentLast week I had a break from weeknotes as I finished up at the National Leadership Centre and had a couple of days off before heading back to the Local Digital Collaboration Unit at MHCLG.The week has gone quickly and I have a lot of thoughts to filter through, some big, some not so big, [...]

Blogging retro 2019

Another year of me wittering onHello Christmas, you’re here! That’s a surprise. I know you come at this time every year but although my body is screaming “I am so ready for this!” my brain is yet to catch up.So, at 7am on a Saturday I’m thinking of ways I can start to close off [...]

Weeknotes S4 Eps 12

Emotional spongeAn emotional sponge(bob)Overarching feeling of the weekAnother week and another big brown question mark hangs over proceedings.I can tell that it’s left a few of my team feeling discombobulated but I can also see that people are being cautiously hopeful that change and disruption might bring about something positive, thats good.Again, I’ve done a lot [...]

Weeknotes S03 Ep05

Imagine this lady is talking about me, last week.The ComedownOverarching feeling of the weekI should know by now not to compare weeks with one another; they are like children, all different.In comparison to the elation of last week I think the only suitable word to describe this one is: meh.Tyler Durden knows what I’m talking about.I’ve been feeling [...]

Weeknotes S2 Ep01

Heavily-edited latenotes.Overarching feeling of the week.A short week with a lot of time out of the office and too much to do.A leadership conference, a workshop, a cold, some gin, a neglected inbox. And, the appearance of another big brown question mark.AchievementsI attended a workshop for the Accessibility team in GDS on Thursday morning which was [...]

Weeknote statz

Inspired by Dan.I really enjoyed Dan’s tasty word salad and stats so I thought I would do a little one for myself based on S01 of my weeknotes to see what I would find.Words and phrasesTotal words: 13,971Instances of the words work/ing: 137Instances of the words weeknote / weeknoters / weeknoting: 42Instances of the word good: 57Instances [...]

The why of weeknotes

If you have found your way here, it’s possible that you already write Weeknotes, have an interest starting, or maybe you’re just interested in what other people do for a living.I asked Debbie to reflect on what us weeknoters have discussed on Twitter and in person; about our motivations for writing and why we think [...]