Weeknotes S9 Ep7

HalfterminismA gif from CBeebies show The Clangers of a Clanger jumping up and downHello, it’s Friday again and, more than that, February is almost over. It’s six weeks since the schools went back after Christmas, well it must be, because we are once again in half-term holiday time. These school holidays feel constant and show me [...]

Weeknotes S7 Ep05

Ok I’m listening nowA David Shrigley painting of an elephant that says “I must rest, my rampage is over”Before I beginSo last week I wrote about losing my voice and feeling ill, and how I was listening to my body and resting. I realise now that I probably wasn’t really listing to my body, not really, even [...]

Purdah notes

Keeping notes through 5 weeks of PurdahShhhhhI work for the Department of Housing, Communities and Local Government. There have recently been local elections, which means that as a Civil Servant I’ve had to observe a period of purdah. That means that I haven’t been able to write about the work I’ve been doing, and that’s also [...]

Weeknotes S6 Ep9

Lets try again shall we?Last week, for some reason, I just couldn’t write. I think it must have been something about the previous weeks being so busy that meant that a relatively normal week felt, well, a bit flat.Oh, my god. Writing is so hard.So I thought I’d leave weeknotes and come back when I had a [...]

Weeknotes S6 Ep04

“Squeak! Croak! Croak! Squeak!”Overarching feeling of the weekHi, hello, how are you? I have been brewing a cold for a little over a week now and as I write this I have little to no voice left.As a result my week has felt a bit foggy. I feel full of snot. I haven’t slept well. But given [...]

Weeknotes S5 Ep8

The finaléHi! It’s Saturday morning and I’m in bed while the other half feeds the little one breakfast downstairs.I didn’t manage to get these notes written yesterday because I spent A MILLION YEARS queuing in the post office, and my parents were here, and I had to get a filling because I am old now.Anyway. [...]

Weeknotes S5 Ep7

A cartoon parrot writing notes.Before I begin…Hi hi. How are you? I hope you are OK and looking forward to the Christmas break. I told you this would rattle around quickly and I bet you still have lots of shopping to do, don’t you? Yeah. We all do.I had some time off and away from weeknotes. Two [...]

Sketchnoting, or something like that…

A couple of people in my team recently asked me to run a session about sketchnoting after I posted my notes from TeaCamp (above).Which made me think I should order my thoughts and try and make something useful. So this blog will cover why and how I started sketchnoting, what I think the benefits are, and [...]

Weeknotes S04 Ep2

Open the door, get on the floorEverybody walk the dinosaurOverarching feeling of the weekA varied week with some running around days and other days with a bit of downtime.We recently moved desks and I think this partly contributed to my Monday being my best day since I started my new job.This is because the new location makes it [...]

Weeknotes S03 Ep10

Get Stuff DoneOverarching feeling of the weekI checked back over the notes I took for last week and, even though they are mostly incomprihensible now (after a lovely long easter weekend with the family and a proper wind-down) this one stood out:I have ways of getting stuff done and I AM GOING TO GET STUFF DONE [1]It [...]