24 hours with Amazon Echo dot

This morning we had a fight. It went something like this: Me: “What’s the time?” Husband: “You have to ask Echo” Me: “No I don’t! I don’t have to ask Echo every bloody thing!” Since it’s arrival yesterday, this tiny black puck has moved from the kitchen, where it had been an entertaining novelty, to the [...]

Beauty Bust: February Update

This year I vowed to give up beauty buys, here’s what I’ve learned two months in… First up for February I have a confession to make… I forgot to cancel my Birchbox subscription in January, oops. Is my subconscious already riling against this whole process? It was actually a disappointing arrival, with some ok eyeshadow (which [...]

Beauty Bust: January update

This year I vowed to give up beauty buys, here’s what I’ve learnt one month in. I typically hate resolutions because they seem to just be mostly about abstinence and not about making sustainable change to your life. I had an inkling that this resolution would get harder as the year went on, and so far [...]

A Beauty Bust

I’ve got into a bad habit. I’m not sure when it happened, but I’ve developed an addiction to skincare and beauty buys. A selection of the samples cluttering up my home. I can easily pick up a serum, cream or toner when I’m just out for baby bubbles or doing the weekly shop. More worryingly, [...]