Blogging retro 2019

Another year of me wittering onHello Christmas, you’re here! That’s a surprise. I know you come at this time every year but although my body is screaming “I am so ready for this!” my brain is yet to catch up.So, at 7am on a Saturday I’m thinking of ways I can start to close off [...]

So what has One Team Gov actually achieved?

I’ve often heard people asking this question, sceptics and followers alike. Where are you going? What have you achieved? And after two years, I think it’s time to reflect on that question, and I think I have an answer…Volunteers at #OneTeamGovGlobal unconference, July 2018I first started attending One Team Gov Westminster Breakfast in summer 2017. I wrote [...]

Nesta Radical Futures brief

Help us to create our radical vision for the future of government. We need your submissions in video, audio or written form by 18th July!A picture of a One Team Gov T-ShirtWhat’s happened so far?Nesta launched a challenge for people to imagine radical vision of the future of government, they want to build a collection which they plan [...]

One Team Gov #BureaucracyHack bloggroll!

A cat jumping out of a filing cabinetThe #BureaucracyHack will be taking place on 3 July in Hackney, London. Here’ you’ll find all of the blog posts relating to the event.First up, why are we doing this?Hacking bureaucracy — it can be done!Find out about how the day will run:We sought ideas about holding the hack we gathered all [...]

One Team Gov Global, Canada 2019!

One Team Gov Canada will be running our second Global event in Victoria, British Columbia on 21 May. Here, you’ll find all of the blog posts relating to the event.Care deeply about citizens, Work across borders, Embrace technology.The following four posts will give you a really good idea about what One Team Gov is, what work [...]

How One Team Gov will create a Radical Vision for the Future of Government

“Make the world better”Nesta is an innovation foundation in the United Kingdom (UK). In September 2019 they’ll release a collection of radical visions for the future of government and they’re inviting everyone to take part!You can find out more about the Nesta challenge here:In short, Nesta are looking for groups to engage with the following questions:Re-imagining ServicesWhat’s [...]

Weeknotes S6 Ep04

“Squeak! Croak! Croak! Squeak!”Overarching feeling of the weekHi, hello, how are you? I have been brewing a cold for a little over a week now and as I write this I have little to no voice left.As a result my week has felt a bit foggy. I feel full of snot. I haven’t slept well. But given [...]

Notes from GovCamp #ukgc19

A post about GovCamp that might not be entirely about GovCampA list of pitches that I wanted to go to. I only made it to one of these!Last Saturday I got up early and headed off on a cold train to attend UK CovCamp at the MoJ offices in Westminster.Lots of people have already written their thoughts [...]