Weeknotes S9 Ep14

Where you are[Gif] Bulbasaur and Squirtle wearing party hats.This week has been brought to you by the following “biggish” things:It was my 5 year Civil Service birthday!This is my 100th (yes, 100th!) weeknote!We finished Sprint 12 and moved into Sprint 13!At home, we took delivery of our new Fatboy hammock (truly, a life changing purchase!)This is now [...]

Weeknotes S9 Ep12

Shift patterns[Gif] Fred Flintstone drives up to a rock that says “Time Clock” on it. He takes a thin piece of rock and puts it into a dinosaur’s mouth who punches 4 holes in it just like a check in/check out system in factories.I wasn’t sure if I would write this week because it felt [...]

Weeknotes S9 Ep5

This week has been mostly brought to you by looking under rocks and discovering all sorts of things hidden underneath them.A meme of a bearded man amongst some rocks with the caption “For a few weeks I’ve been living under a rock” to which I say, “Great, can you please return to your place under [...]

Weeknotes S9 Ep4

Oof, quite a week…Pikachu welling up.This has been one of those weeks that has felt so intense that I’m not really sure if I am able to write weeknotes today. I’ve been playing pokémon this morning to distract myself and relax a little.I want to write but I’m also aware that I need to take things gently. [...]

Weeknotes S9 Ep1

Hello 2020, and welcome to weeknotes series 9! (Eek)Cartoon characters of the numbers 2020 wearing party hats.Happy New year! Well, was it?I hate new years, it is peak anxiety season for me. I have to work super hard not to fall into a “should spiral” as fellow awesome Letchworth human Holly would say.When you suffer with anxiety — if you [...]

Weeknotes S8 Ep2

Cold seasonCartoon gif of a girl sneezingI have a cold. I have a headache. I think these will be short as I can’t really concentrate. I spent a lot of yesterday napping, trying to eat, feeling sick, and then taking nightnurse before bed. As the kids have gone back to school this time of year is [...]

Weeknotes S8 Ep01

Hello there, and welcome to a new series of my weeknotes. Series 8! That’s a lot of words and waffle isn’t it?WafflesIt’s been an interesting week, it’s ramped up. Monday was insanely quiet, a lot of the team were out at the CDO network that we were running in conjunction with Bloomberg. As a result there [...]

Weeknotes summer catch up

Breaking the breakI’ve used this gif before but it bears repeating “I’m faking it”I wrote a summer wrap up on the 26 July so it’s been 7 weeks since my last weeknote. I took some time off through the summer holidays as I would be looking after my little boy, now he is back at school and [...]