Weeknotes S7 Ep01

I’m back with my 7th series, this series will also see me celebrate my 2 year weeknoting anniversary – which is strange to consider, but it’s been an interesting ride.I was unsure about writing today after a mammoth purdah note last week, but hey, here I am again.This week was a short one as we [...]

Weeknotes S6 Ep06

Building the grid at our Local Digital RoadshowRoadshow[1]On the road…This week the Local Digital Collaboration Unit had 100 attendees at The Bartlett School of Architecture, Here East, Stratford to talk about the Local Digital Declaration and hear some case studies, and have an unconference… so not much really.That was Wednesday and it was a busy day; even [...]

Weeknotes S6 Ep02

Hey Duggie painting and decorating.Before I beginHey. Hi. How are you?I tried to start writing this yesterday (Thursday) but at every point my brain just said no, no no. Stop. We had a lot of people in the house doing our garden and some decorating. I was distracted and I couldn’t stop and take time to [...]

Weeknotes S5 Ep8

The finaléHi! It’s Saturday morning and I’m in bed while the other half feeds the little one breakfast downstairs.I didn’t manage to get these notes written yesterday because I spent A MILLION YEARS queuing in the post office, and my parents were here, and I had to get a filling because I am old now.Anyway. [...]

Weeknotes S5 Ep2

RoutineA gif of a perpetual line of men walkingHello and welcome to my week(notes). How are you? I hope you are well and the week has been kind to you. I hope you did something you really love or ate some of your favourite food or spent time with awesome people.Last week I went through the [...]

Weeknotes S5 Ep1

Hey there part-timerHello to you, person reading my weeknotes. How are you?These weeknotes are a break with my usual structure and style because in truth I think I’m a bit blogged out for the moment, which feels strange. But with a new working pattern, childcare and general routine upheaval I’ve been struggling to find a [...]

Not weeknotes

But a list of links to things I’ve read and found interesting this week.I’ve only ever put these kinds of links at the bottom of my weeknotes and I’m never entirely sure how useful they are to anyone. But if racial and gender biases, feminism, mental health, agile working, user research, content design, AI and “stuff [...]

Weeknotes S4 Ep14

Rakastuneille[1]A bench that includes the inscription Rakastuneille.But first…This is going to be my last weeknote for a while because I’ll be going off on holiday on Thursday! Yes, FINALLY! I’m off with the family to Cornwall for just over a week, and then easing my little one into his first few weeks in school (please [...]

Weeknotes S4 Eps 13

Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head.A rainy puddle.Overarching feeling of the weekAs I write this I am wearing a jumper, some thick wooly socks, and I have a blanket over me. I walked home from a lovely coffee with a friend this morning and I didn’t have a jacket. I was also wearing sandals. I am yet to [...]

Weeknotes S4 Eps 12

Emotional spongeAn emotional sponge(bob)Overarching feeling of the weekAnother week and another big brown question mark hangs over proceedings.I can tell that it’s left a few of my team feeling discombobulated but I can also see that people are being cautiously hopeful that change and disruption might bring about something positive, thats good.Again, I’ve done a lot [...]