Weeknotes S03 Ep07

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changesOverarching feeling of the weekThis is my first weeknote in my new role in the Standards Assurance Team at GDS!The week has been interesting. Starting a new role is basically one whole week of lessons, so that section is slightly bloated this week, but I’ve tried to be brief.I’m trying to remember that I’m only a [...]

Weeknotes S01 EP09

The penultinoteI’m at Weeknote number 9! Who’da thunk it? As I approach the big one-o I’m wondering if I’ll actually be able to stop at 10.This has become such a part of my working that I’m worrying that it might actually be detrimental to stop. So, I’ve got 2 more weeks until I go on [...]

Weeknotes S01 Ep08

Fuzzy dogfoodThis week has mostly been brought to you by migraines. It’s been a fuzzy, busy one. Still, on reflection, a productive week.On Sunday night I had a migraine so it was good that I had planned to work from home on Monday. I had to help eat that dogfood I mentioned in Ep06 and [...]