#OTGSP — your questions

On 10 September One Team Gov held an event for World Suicide Prevention Day #WSPD2020. We brought together 14 people working in Suicide Prevention to offer a range of perspectives. Here are some of the questions that you asked on the day, answered by our contributors and organising team.Banners showing a number of our principles: [...]

Weeknotes S10 Ep11

It will ripple.Gif: A drip of water ripples in a still pool.Ok, here we are again. It’s Monday.As I speak a 6 year old is running rings around me, literally and figuratively (yes, on a Monday). He is stealing lemons from the fruit bowl and chewing at the rind, jumping on his trampoline, running to the bottom [...]

One Team Gov Suicide prevention event — Bloggroll

One Team Gov recently held 2 events on the theme of Suicide Prevention. Find out all about them here:#OTGSP organiser Gail sits with other attendees at Wellbeing Camp in Leeds, June 2019.Find out why we decided to do this:Find out more about the organising team:Access resources about Suicide Prevention and find out more about the Wellbeing Support Grid:Find out [...]

Weeknotes S10 Ep8

Three (and a bit) things.Where to start? Hello it’s Monday.I didn’t get around to my weeknotes last week and I didn’t get around to them over the weekend either. I think this is a signal that I have a bit too much on.My migraine persisted into Wednesday, striking with an aura and general confusion right in [...]

Weeknotes S10 Ep7

The hangoverI wrote last weeks #weeknotes on Sunday, after I’d spent most of the weekend in bed with a migraine. Well, that migraine hasn’t gone away and, as I write this, it’s been more than one week since it settled in. I can’t say I’m ill, but I’m not quite well.More than anything it’s affected [...]

World Suicide Prevention Day

A picture of a Frog on a rock taken at One Team Gov Well-being Camp in 2019.One Team Gov are running two events for #WSPD2020, find out more and get involvedWhat’s going on?One Team Gov are running two events for World Suicide Prevention DayThese will be held virtually on 19 August and 10 September 2020What do we need?Mental Health [...]

One Team Blog!

Our publishing habits suggest that the movement is still growing, gaining momentum, and moving out of the Westminster / London “bubble”A screenshot of the One Team Gov Medium publicationLast week I edited and published four blog posts for One Team Gov. Two were from the recent Ottawa unconference (a brilliant but very long post that we [...]

Weeknotes S9 Ep7

HalfterminismA gif from CBeebies show The Clangers of a Clanger jumping up and downHello, it’s Friday again and, more than that, February is almost over. It’s six weeks since the schools went back after Christmas, well it must be, because we are once again in half-term holiday time. These school holidays feel constant and show me [...]

Weeknotes S9 Ep6

AnxietnotesGif: Kimmy Schmidt bangs her head against a wall.As I write this, the house is quiet apart from the clicking on of the boiler and a faint pop-popping of the tonic in the gin beside me. My keyboard clacking is the the loudest thing going on and I am enjoying the peace.About an hour ago I [...]