So what has One Team Gov actually achieved?

I’ve often heard people asking this question, sceptics and followers alike. Where are you going? What have you achieved? And after two years, I think it’s time to reflect on that question, and I think I have an answer…Volunteers at #OneTeamGovGlobal unconference, July 2018I first started attending One Team Gov Westminster Breakfast in summer 2017. I wrote [...]

Nesta Radical Futures brief

Help us to create our radical vision for the future of government. We need your submissions in video, audio or written form by 18th July!A picture of a One Team Gov T-ShirtWhat’s happened so far?Nesta launched a challenge for people to imagine radical vision of the future of government, they want to build a collection which they plan [...]

Weeknotes S7 Ep03

A tribute to Judith Kerr by Emily Coxhead.Before I beginHello how are you? Happy Friday!What’s been happening this week? Well, a lot again. I’ve still been feeling tired but I’ve come to think that actually that might be because I’ve been picking up on some strange energies that are kicking about. I am a mood sponge and [...]

One Team Gov Global, Canada 2019!

One Team Gov Canada will be running our second Global event in Victoria, British Columbia on 21 May. Here, you’ll find all of the blog posts relating to the event.Care deeply about citizens, Work across borders, Embrace technology.The following four posts will give you a really good idea about what One Team Gov is, what work [...]

Weeknotes S4 Ep14

Rakastuneille[1]A bench that includes the inscription Rakastuneille.But first…This is going to be my last weeknote for a while because I’ll be going off on holiday on Thursday! Yes, FINALLY! I’m off with the family to Cornwall for just over a week, and then easing my little one into his first few weeks in school (please [...]

Weeknotes S4 Eps 12

Emotional spongeAn emotional sponge(bob)Overarching feeling of the weekAnother week and another big brown question mark hangs over proceedings.I can tell that it’s left a few of my team feeling discombobulated but I can also see that people are being cautiously hopeful that change and disruption might bring about something positive, thats good.Again, I’ve done a lot [...]

Weeknotes S4 Eps 11

Katamari storytellingKatamari computer gameOverarching feeling of the weekI’m struggling to know where to start because this week it’s been one of stories, telling some, hearing lots more and taking all that in.Listening to people and listening and listening and listening.Ewan McGregor is listening.It’s hard to write weeknotes with all those stories swimming in my head because they [...]

#OneTeamGovGlobal blog collection

Thank you so much to everyone for coming along.Collecting people’s stories about the day!Last week we held #OneTeamGovGlobal. An event of over 700 people from 43 countries coming together to “unconference” make connections and discuss how to make public service better for citizens.Many people have blogged about their day, and we are collecting those blogs here.Beth Fox [...]

Weeknotes S4 Eps 09–10

Super Fun Bumper Edition[1] feat. a big brown question mark, a flamingo and an iron lung.Overarching feeling of the weekI’m writing this from a very low low. Which is heartbreaking given that I started this week on an incredibly high high.I couldn’t wait to write these weeknotes because I wanted to tell you all of the wonderful [...]

Weeknotes S4 Ep08

It’s still sunny!Sarah and duck (and umbrella) dressed as a rainbow because I’m writing this and its Pride weekend. So sending love out there into the world via the medium of kids cartoons.Overarching feeling of the weekA bit of a mixed up week with various things happening and feeling like I’m all over the place.I only had [...]