Weeknotes S10 Ep15

This series is going on forever…. might be time for a break soon.A flashing gif of the word ‘empower’Power / empowerment [1]/ language / soft stuffI’ve been thinking a lot about digital transformation, working in this space of change, of user centred design, of service design. Of power structures and hierarchies. Of empowerment and disempowerment, and the [...]

Weeknotes S10 Ep14

The meltdownIt’s Thursday evening as I write this. I’m watching the programme on the BBC about the crazy hotel in Liverpool where everything is Instagram fishing. I started watching it the other week and it is exactly the kind of delicious nonsense that I love.A room in The Shankley hotel, with gold crushed velvet bed [...]

Weeknotes S10 Ep13

RipplesHello and happy Friday. It’s blustery. Its a bit rainy. It’s definitely autumn now.Gif: Winnie the Pooh on a blustery dayIt’s been a pretty good week, no major issues or worries, some progress made and some good conversations. I’m not sure I’ve had any big feels or epiphanies this week, but lets start writing and see [...]

Weeknotes S10 Ep9

The black cloudGif: A cartoon man sits at a desk with his head on a hand, he has a thinking bubble above his head which rains on him with a single drip.I didn’t manage to get my weeknotes out last week. I’m not really sure why.I wasn’t feeling it, by which I mean, it kept popping into [...]

Weeknotes S10 Ep4

New/Old/Same/DifferentLast week I had a break from weeknotes as I finished up at the National Leadership Centre and had a couple of days off before heading back to the Local Digital Collaboration Unit at MHCLG.The week has gone quickly and I have a lot of thoughts to filter through, some big, some not so big, [...]

Weeknotes S10 Ep3

What have you *done*?I’ve slightly fallen in love with the provocation by Tatiana Mac above. It’s so easy to remember and so simple to repeat. I included it in my weeknotes last week and I’m putting it here again. It gives me the prompt to action, and reminds me me to acknowledge the Black Lives Matter [...]

Weeknotes S10 Ep2

“Cannot catch a break!”A gif from the Simpsons, Bart crosses stones in a rive, Millhouse falls in. Bart goes through a loose panel in a fence which then his Millhouse in the face. Bart runs down a steep hill, Millhouse rolls down behind him.You will have seen it, in an American comedy or something.A (usually male) protagonist [...]

Weeknotes S10 Ep1

Wow, I’ve made it to series 10 of weeknotes. How about that?I last wrote weeknotes on 25 April, which I’ve just realised wasn’t last month, but the month before that. 7 weeks ago in fact. I’ve lost May. May is gone. It’s June now.Between then and now much has happened, the universe seems content to keep [...]

A Trello reading list for learning, and for accountability

In this post I’ll talk about how this library for my professional development has become a powerful tool in holding myself accountable in both my personal and professional life.This blog post will cover:Why I started using Trello to track my readingObjectivesMy board and themesHow it’s changed…Black Lives MatterAnalysis and what I’ve learnedWhat next?Let me know [...]

Weeknotes S9 EP15

I will, I am, I have.[Gif] Writing says Past, Present, Future and goes blurry.I wasn’t sure if I would write this week because a lot of the things that have been going on are things that I can’t really talk about; either because they relate to the work we are doing for COVID-19, or because they reflect [...]