Blogging retro 2019

Another year of me wittering onHello Christmas, you’re here! That’s a surprise. I know you come at this time every year but although my body is screaming “I am so ready for this!” my brain is yet to catch up.So, at 7am on a Saturday I’m thinking of ways I can start to close off [...]

Weeknotes summer wrap up

Last post before a bit of a summer breakSummer breakWell last week was Ep10 of this series and it passed without any real fanfare or, I have to say, without me even noticing it.As mum to a smallish person who has now started on summer holidays it means that the real childcare juggle begins, and I’m [...]

Weeknotes S6 retro

I’m trying to more regularly retro my weeknotes practice to see what it is giving to me and what I might want to change.Quick stats10 weeknotes episodes over 12 weeks1 x quicknotes from One Team Gov breakfast1 x post about UK Gov Camp11 x One Team Gov blogs that I hit the publish button for (after [...]