A Trello reading list for learning, and for accountability

In this post I’ll talk about how this library for my professional development has become a powerful tool in holding myself accountable in both my personal and professional life.This blog post will cover:Why I started using Trello to track my readingObjectivesMy board and themesHow it’s changed…Black Lives MatterAnalysis and what I’ve learnedWhat next?Let me know [...]

Weeknotes S4 Ep14

Rakastuneille[1]A bench that includes the inscription Rakastuneille.But first…This is going to be my last weeknote for a while because I’ll be going off on holiday on Thursday! Yes, FINALLY! I’m off with the family to Cornwall for just over a week, and then easing my little one into his first few weeks in school (please [...]

Weeknotes S4 Eps 11

Katamari storytellingKatamari computer gameOverarching feeling of the weekI’m struggling to know where to start because this week it’s been one of stories, telling some, hearing lots more and taking all that in.Listening to people and listening and listening and listening.Ewan McGregor is listening.It’s hard to write weeknotes with all those stories swimming in my head because they [...]

Weeknotes S4 Ep08

It’s still sunny!Sarah and duck (and umbrella) dressed as a rainbow because I’m writing this and its Pride weekend. So sending love out there into the world via the medium of kids cartoons.Overarching feeling of the weekA bit of a mixed up week with various things happening and feeling like I’m all over the place.I only had [...]

No resolutions.

I don’t have any, ok? Sorry to disappoint.As a generally anxious person I always find new year difficult. It’s very easy for an anxious brain to move from planning to over-planning, and from that to listing all the things which are wrong/broken. This can either result in mad action, or it’s equal opposite apathy, neither [...]

Weeknotes S2Ep08

A bit of spaceOverarching feeling of the weekA much quieter week, I’ve had some space to think and some opportunities to “be nosy” within work hours rather than outside of them.Space to do things which are interesting, helpful, useful. Space to learn.I feel a bit better, and a bit more like myself. I’m not sure my motivation [...]

Weeknotes S01 Ep11

Special bonus featureHere I am, after saying I’d call this series a day at ten episodes, now bringing you a super special extra episode!It feels right, as I’m on holiday next week, so there will be a natural break in proceedings. And, as this is the season finale, I’ve also included a little round up of [...]

Weeknotes S01 Ep05

Another non-typical week…Since I started weeknotes, for a variety of reasons, I’ve had a series of what have felt like non-typical weeks. So I thought I’d take stock a little and see what’s been going on…Ep01 – 2 work from home (WFH) daysEp02 – approx 2 days travel to Brizzle and backEp03 – full week [...]

My accelerator journey…

How taking a chance on an accelerator scheme helped me find meaning and motivation in my work.I joined my department in April 2015 at end of a significant technology transformation project, the first of it’s kind in the Civil Service.It’s fair to say that when I started, my team were all on a very steep learning [...]