We love wallpaper!

The inimitable Terence Eden recently wrote that “Post-it’s aren’t agile – they’re wallpaper” so I started thinking (A LOT) about wallpaper…First up, read Terence’s brilliant post here:IntroLook, it’s pretty difficult to argue against the sustainability of post-it’s or their accessibility because those are fixed arguments and if we agree that we believe in protecting the [...]

Weeknotes S4 Eps 13

Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head.A rainy puddle.Overarching feeling of the weekAs I write this I am wearing a jumper, some thick wooly socks, and I have a blanket over me. I walked home from a lovely coffee with a friend this morning and I didn’t have a jacket. I was also wearing sandals. I am yet to [...]

Weeknotes S2Ep10

Season two finalé!That’s right. It’s over already.Overarching feeling of the weekWell, I feel like there should be some big bang moment here what with it being the season finalé but in reality it was a fine week. Just fine. Pretty normal. Kinda boring actually. Sorry.…tumbleweed…I had two busy days where I had a full calendar and ran between [...]

Weeknotes S2Ep09

High highs and low lows.Overarching feeling of the weekAnother busy week with a fair bit of running around, and a strange feeling that I can’t quite put my finger on.AchievementsOn Thursday I brought together two teams who are doing almost the same thing to talk about how one could possibly reuse the other’s system or at least [...]