What happened at Wellbeing Camp?

Find out all about what happened on the day through the people who were there.Some lovely sketchnotes taken at Wellbeing CampRead all about Jackie’s experiences of using Crafting to support wellbeing, and find out all about #FrogOnARockRegan has done a lovely write up of a number of the sessions on the day, which you’ll find below:Motiya [...]

So what has One Team Gov actually achieved?

I’ve often heard people asking this question, sceptics and followers alike. Where are you going? What have you achieved? And after two years, I think it’s time to reflect on that question, and I think I have an answer…Volunteers at #OneTeamGovGlobal unconference, July 2018I first started attending One Team Gov Westminster Breakfast in summer 2017. I wrote [...]

Weeknotes S7 Ep05

Ok I’m listening nowA David Shrigley painting of an elephant that says “I must rest, my rampage is over”Before I beginSo last week I wrote about losing my voice and feeling ill, and how I was listening to my body and resting. I realise now that I probably wasn’t really listing to my body, not really, even [...]

Weeknotes S7 Ep04

Finding (and losing) your voiceA little horse.Hello hello, how are you? I had a break last week because it was only a 2 day week for me. We had (another!) bank holiday and it was also half term, so I took a day off to look after my little one.Despite having some lovely time off I’m feeling [...]

Purdah notes

Keeping notes through 5 weeks of PurdahShhhhhI work for the Department of Housing, Communities and Local Government. There have recently been local elections, which means that as a Civil Servant I’ve had to observe a period of purdah. That means that I haven’t been able to write about the work I’ve been doing, and that’s also [...]