Weeknotes S6 retro

I’m trying to more regularly retro my weeknotes practice to see what it is giving to me and what I might want to change.Quick stats10 weeknotes episodes over 12 weeks1 x quicknotes from One Team Gov breakfast1 x post about UK Gov Camp11 x One Team Gov blogs that I hit the publish button for (after [...]

Blogging Retro 2018

What happened?60!I’ve been meaning to sit down and think about the detail of my writing and try and work out a few things so that I can think a bit more about how I take my blogging forward in 2019.Then I saw that Dan had done a retro and thought, yep, that’s totally what I [...]

Weeknote styles

A collection of some of the most commonly used #weeknotes formats to help you get startedSteve Messer recently posed a question to the weeknotes community:“Is there a list of formats, #weeknotes crew? Let me know!”So that got me thinking…. We all have a slightly different way of going about this thing that we are doing, and [...]

No resolutions.

I don’t have any, ok? Sorry to disappoint.As a generally anxious person I always find new year difficult. It’s very easy for an anxious brain to move from planning to over-planning, and from that to listing all the things which are wrong/broken. This can either result in mad action, or it’s equal opposite apathy, neither [...]

Weeknotes S02 Retrospective

So, what’s the point of all this then?Data.weeknotesTotal Words: 11,406 (2,565 less than S01)Most used words: people (42) team (59) good (54) thinking (35)Most mentions: Dan (17! Thats 1.7 appearances per episode)Made using tag crowd and scribbled on with my apple pencil.Most read: Episode 7Least read: Episode 3 (but has a great link to an article about [...]

Weeknote statz

Inspired by Dan.I really enjoyed Dan’s tasty word salad and stats so I thought I would do a little one for myself based on S01 of my weeknotes to see what I would find.Words and phrasesTotal words: 13,971Instances of the words work/ing: 137Instances of the words weeknote / weeknoters / weeknoting: 42Instances of the word good: 57Instances [...]