Working in the open helps you to share the culture and purpose of your workplace, helping you to build relationships with colleagues and partners, find opportunities to innovate, and attract new talent.

Sharing work in the open also helps to empower your employees, giving them an opportunity to be heard and promoting diverse voices. Through sharing learning and building contacts your employees can go further, learn faster and move more quickly.

So what does working in the open mean for your organisation? In a tailored workshop, delivered either in-person or online, we can explore some of the barriers to this way of working, and consider some of the many ways you can incorporate open working into your organisation.

Weeknotes and storytelling

Want to introduce your teams to blogging or weeknoting? In this workshop we will seek to understand what prevents some of us from sharing our work, looking at diversity and inclusion, confidence and fear.

This workshop will get your teams writing, helping them to surface diverse or divergent ideas within your organisation. The session will will also cover platforms, getting started with writing and some working principles.

This session works well in conjunction with The Tiger Who Came to Tea workshop.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea storytelling session

Delivered in person or online this session can be tailored to suit a number of organisational objectives from helping your team to identify the right problems to solve, to working together, or simply to encourage a culture of storytelling. It’s informal, it’s accessible, and most of all it’s fun!

Participants will also receive their own Tiger mission patch that they can use to show how they’ve participated.

This can be delivered either as a 30 minute talk or a 1-2 hour workshop with participants crafting their own stories along the way. Alternatively I can train your staff in how to deliver the session so that you can run it over and over again.

Sketchnoting workshops

Learn the basics of sketch noting, a visual notetaking strategy that helps you to share learnings, think creatively, and learn love imperfection, iteration and experimentation.

Sketch noting mean learning can be shared quickly and in an engaging way, building connections within your organisation and beyond. In this session you’ll learn practical skills that will start you off with practical sketch noting.

Delivering a sketch noting workshop in 2018 with a colleague from Scottish Government, Kim McLaren.

Digital strategy

With a range of skills across product/web development and delivery I can help existing teams to deliver on their objectives, or undertake discrete pieces of work on behalf of your organisation.

Here are just some of the services I offer:

  • User research design and development
  • An introduction to User Centred Design
  • Digital strategy development
  • Business analysis and service mapping, understanding your processes and constraints in order to spot opportunities for improvement
  • Product vision, OKRs, success measures and prioritisation

I can also work with your employees to transfer skills and equip them with what they need to undertake the work themselves.

I’m adept at solving complex problems, having worked across government in a variety of roles, while my previous experience in advertising and interests make me well placed to think creatively and ambitiously about ways to solve your most pressing issues.

Something else you need?

See something here you’d like to know more about? Want me to speak at your upcoming event? Or commission a trained facilitator to support conferences/unconferences and more?

Just get in touch.

Oh, and if you’re a charity, trust or CIC be sure to ask about my reduced rates.